We are a San Francisco based company dedicated to global, queer-positive, body-positive, harm-reduction based mental health counseling, divorce, and family mediation, education, and psycho-social research. We provide psychotherapeutic, coaching, mediation and educational services in the USA, Ireland and the UK as well as diversity training, consultation and psychosocial education worldwide. Our mission is to both provide services tailored to the queer/LGBTQIQA community while simultaneously increasing awareness and fluency around issues of sexuality and gender on a world stage.  

Services we provide:

  • Psychotherapy for Individuals Couples and Families (Residents of California, Ireland and the United Kingdom in-person and online)
  • Individuals, Couples & Family Coaching and Counseling Services (In person and online USA  UK, IRELAND)
  • Divorce and Family Mediation (Residents of California Only: in-person or online)

Our mission is to:

  • Provide therapeutic and mediation services for the global queer community from evidenced-based best practices in order to serve our unique and vibrant people.
  • Conduct research on the intersectionality of our numerous minority identities and determine best practices to serve our community. 
  • Educate others on these practices, increasing the number and scope competent practitioners, educators and organizations within a queer/LGBTQIQA celebrated society

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Dr. Ck & Amaris Blackmore are a married lesbian identified couple together for 10 years in the queer mecca of San Francisco. Furiously committed to growth, both as individuals and as a couple, they work as a team to tackle life’s challenges and help others do the same.

Dr. CK Olivieri Blackmore is a licensed psychotherapist, social psychologist, certified divorce mediator, author, professor and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience with clinical issues pertaining to the queer/LGBTQIQA community. Drawing upon social-developmental psychology, feminist/queer theory and harm reduction based philosophies, CK’s approach to therapy and meditation utilizes eclectic interventions from cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical-behavioral (DBT), family systems theories, EMDR, Gottman, and EFT.  CK is the author of Queer Archetypal Lifespan Development Theory, the only theory of lifespan development to view queerness as a normative parallel developmental process and not simply a deviation of what’s normative for heterosexuals. Her style is simultaneously empathic and fun, co-creating meaningful relationships with her students, colleagues, and clientele.

Dr. CK Blackmore, MFT, PhD is also verified by Psychology Today, to learn more about her specializations click here

Some of her recent work includes:

Queer Psyche and Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Depth Psychological Exploration. (2018).  Immanence: Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend and Folklore. SF, CA: http://www.Immanengejournal.org

Rulers and Rebels: Rachel Maddow, Applied Queer Mythology and the Power of Narrative in the Post-Fact Era. (2017) Immanence: Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend and Folklore. SF, CA: http://www.Immanengejournal.org

Your Church, My Bar! A  Terrapsychological Inquiry of the Relationship Between Queerspace and Queer Spirituality in San Francisco, California. (2016).  California Institute of Integral Studies, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

Queer Archetypal Lifespan Development Theory & The “New” Myth: Re-visioning The Hero’s Journey through the Practice of Terrapsychological Inquiry. (2015).The International Journal of Transdisciplinary Psychology, Vol (4)1. https://transdisciplinarypsych.org

Amaris Blackmore is a Multimedia Developer/ Video Producer at the renown Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. She is also a certified divorce mediator, Gottman educator, counselor, and life coach. Drawing upon over 20 years experience in development and production, she has co-founded QMI in order to help others utilize the hands-on, practical, tools and skills needed for increasing motivation, organization and productivity. Through the exploration of the individual’s values and goals, Amaris helps clients work through a step by step process exploring not only what brings them joy and purpose, but also how to obtain and maintain it.

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